Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Sicko!!

While at the Gym I was watching the news on one of the many television screens they have and seen a story about a 19 year old who put a 2 month old baby in a Microwave and turned it on. Check out the story here. The baby survived but is in critical condition.

I can’t believe someone is that sick to do such a thing. He faces up to 99 years in prison but if they had real justice, they would string him up in the town square like they did 1000 years ago and let all the parents of children stone him to death. Well at least in the United States, usually the punishment fits the crime; unlike here in Canada; where the criminals have more rights than the victims. The Young Offenders Act is just a joke, and will always be that was because the judges are afraid to give out any sort of punishment to fit the crime. They are certainly not afraid to take their huge paycheques every week. Look at the story of 15 year old Matthew Churchill, killed by a hit and run driver, who admitted to it and then was sentenced and only served 4 months! Yet his parents Rod & Desma are sentenced to a lifetime of grieving for their only child.

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