Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Strange Bed Fellows!

While employed with Jasper Park Lodge as a Public Area Supervisor, my team and I were responsible for completing guest calls during the hours between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. When you have a 440 plus room hotel, sometimes it can get quite busy.

One night I had quite an embarrassing call. Actually I have had many but this is just one of those unfortunate incidents that seem to always occur to me.

At approximately 1:30 am, I received a call from a guest who heard a strange noise coming from his bathroom. I asked the receptionist who answered the telephone if he specified what type of noise. With a slight laughter in her voice she said it was a gurgling noise. I thought to myself, I have had a few noises come from my bathroom when I was in there but I wouldn’t call them gurgling!

I proceeded to the guest cabin and knocked on the door. A Japanese gentleman who looked to be in his late 20’s early 30’s opened the door. I told him I was there to investigate the noise coming from his bathroom. He just stared at me and said nothing, so I asked if I may come in. Without saying a word, he motioned for me to enter the room. The room was completely dark, so thinking he was going to turn on some light for me I proceeded to walk straight.

Now having 446 rooms in the hotel with many different room configurations, it was impossible for me to know every one, even if I have been in many of them. This caused a huge problem for me that night as the room was smaller than I had thought. So just after a few steps forward something hit me in the kneecaps. It was the bed.

Down I went, on top of the gentlemen’s poor wife! I knew there was a body under me as I could feel it, but it did not move. Oh my God, had I killed her?! The gentleman who let me in was still standing at the open door. He must have heard me fall, as I am not a small guy so anything I do involves some noise, especially falling!

Trying to get up off the lady was a predicament, as in the dark I did not want to touch anything I shouldn’t be touching. Although I am sure I touched everything as I put my hands up to try and feel my way around before I discovered I had a female pinned under me.

Since the gentleman at the door still had not turned on a light so I could see, I realized the best way was to roll onto the floor between the bed and the wall. I made a loud “thump” as I hit the floor and wall. Lying on the floor, I fumbled to get the tiny flashlight I always carried. The gentleman, still at the door, said nothing. The lady in the bed still did not make a sound.

I hurried to my feet and using my flashlight found my way to the bathroom. I was too embarrassed to look in the direction of the bed. I discovered the noise was coming from a pipe on the outside of the building. I told the gentleman this from the bathroom, not worrying about waking up his wife as I figured after what just happened, she had to be awake, even if she did not make any sound.

On my way out of the bathroom I informed the guest that there was nothing that could be done at the moment but I would get maintenance to look after it first thing in the morning. He still did not respond. Then just as I was at the door approximately where I fell, the light of my flashlight shone brightly on the features of my victim.

There lying in the bed with beautiful long blond hair, blue eyes, and an opened mouth with bright red lipstick was a life size rubber sex doll!

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