Thursday, July 2, 2009

RNC (Really Not Coming)

On July 1st I went to see the Canada Day Fireworks in St. John's. I went up to Confederation Hill and had a very good view of the show; except for the fog that is. As soon as the show started, drivers started using the Prince Phillip Parkway as a parking lot! Cars were just stopping in the lanes and for a short time sat there with their emergency flashers on. After a couple of minutes, some just shut their lights off altogether and got out of their cars!

Very soon the sound of screeching tires were evident as cars were approaching and realizing at the last second that the road they were driving (speed limit of 70 KPH) had parked cars. In my area there were approximately 100 people sitting on the grass and some of them began to call the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to report the dangerous situation. We waited but the RNC never showed up! I called also and the operator sounded like she was pissed because so many people were calling. She sighed and told me "we already have someone coming to the area". We waited, and waited, and then the fireworks ended and everyone went home. Thankfully there was no accident. The RNC never showed up.

This is not my first experience with them not responding to a complaint; and I'm only one person; how many more are having the same problem?

One day I called in a complaint about a driver who was all over the road and stopping at green lights and just being a danger on the road. This driver was talking on a cell phone the whole time. The police did get a statement from me and they said they would be in touch. A month went by and a received a call from the Officer that took my staement and I was informed that the driver of the car (I had included the make and licence plate number) had used a false address for his insurance, registation and licence! I was informed that there was nothing the police could do to find this person! I have heard nothing since and that was over a year ago.

I have also called in a complaint about a dangerous driver who came from a local high school and started speeding, weaving in and out of cars and even playing chicken with a dump truck on the highway. I called the RNC, gave the licence number, gave my name and told them I would be willing to go to court. The police never came and never contacted me.

On my way to work I saw a possible drunk driver leaving a local bar parking lot. I eventually ended up behind him and he was all over the road and a few times almost ended up in the ditch. I called the RNC, gave the licence number, gave my name and told them I would be willing to go to court. The police never came and never contacted me.

I find it strange on why the Publicity Officer would come on the news and talk about how important the public's help is when it comes to reporting crime. Why would anyone waste their time calling the RNC when they are not going to show up?

I have spent many years in Alberta and have worked as a security officer and the RCMP were always there whenever they were called. Maybe if I was a security officer the RNC would respond and take it more seriously. Maybe the RNC just don't respond to ordinary people. One thing for sure is that there are not enough police on the road in the St. John's area. If I do call them in the future, in the back of my mind I will feel like they are really not coming.

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