Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year Is Here!

Just like many years, this New Years Eve I had to work. Of course my job at Daffodil Place is not like my job in past years. Daffodil Place is kind of a hostal for cancer patients under going treatment so they are not the type to be having massive parties and drinking large amounts of alcohol. We had a little get together in the Common Room and by 12:20 they were all in bed!

Myself and a few guests watched the fireworks through the lobby window and all I have to say was that it was awesome! You see, it may not look like it from the front, but Daffodil Place is perched high on a piece of ground. From the windows in the back you have a great view of at least half the city.

Besides the fireworks at Quidi Vidi, there were dozens and dozens of fireworks all over the city, from private homes. It was an awesome display, probably the best I had ever seen. It seemed to be a good sign that 2010 may be a great year. Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years Eve and cheers to 2010!!

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