Monday, June 21, 2010

Strange Things Are A Happenin'

People who know me will know of the place I am talking about in this story. I'm not sure if the powers that be (the bosses) would want the story getting out there, due to the sensitive nature of our business. With that said, I will not say where this building is, or the name of the building, but I will say that it use to be a church. And I am not the only person who has experienced strange things happening in the building. Other people have experienced similar things, and I have just discovered that some unusual things have been going on when the reconstruction of the building was taking place from a church to the building it is now.

Most "events" have happened in the downstairs of the building; which of course would have been the basement of the church. This event occured a couple of months ago. I was mopping the stairs in the main entrance when I had strange feeling I was being watched. On both sides of our stairway (which consists of only 6 steps) are planters with flowers and other plants in them. They are all fake as our building is strictly scent free. I felt I was being watched by a woman; don't ask me why I thought that, it was just a feeling. A few seconds after the feeling came over me, I heard the plants rustle in the planter next to the stairs, which was behind me. First I thought I was hearing things, so I ignored it. Then it happened again. I was so convinced that there was someone hid behind the planter that I went up the stairs to have a look. Of course there was nobody there.

At that point I started to get goose bumps all up and down my arms. Much like whenever I go downstairs. No matter how hot it is downstairs there are always certain spots that I break out in goosebumps. Again something I can't explain.

Just after looking behind the planter at the top of the stairs, another strange phenomenon happened. Remember when I mentioned that our building is strictly scent free? Well all of a sudden I got a very strong smell of nail polish. Much like if you were standing next to someone who were painting their nails. Strong enough to almost make you cough! That really confused me as there was absolutely nobody in the lobby with me. For anyone to come to the lobby, they have to enter through one of two doors which are heavy doors and make a lot of noise as they open or close. So I would know if anyone was there with me; and besides it was 3 am so everyone was asleep. The odour lasted about 2 or 3 minutes and then disappeared just as quickly as it came.

I finished my mopping and proceeded to the elevator to go downstairs to the storage room where the mop bucket is kept. Entering the elevator I have to use a key to go to the downstairs level, as that floor is locked out after hours. I pressed the button for the floor and the doors closed. Then the doors opened as if someone pressed the button outside the elevator and wanted to get on. The doors stayed open long enough for "someone" to get on and then closed. Although no one entered the elevator with me. Just as I thought the elevator would start moving to the bottom floor, the doors opened again! This happened five times before the elevator finally brought me to the basement! I think whatever spirit was there that night was having a bit of fun with me.

That's all that happened that night but there are many other stories to tell you as at my place of employment, strange things are a happenin'!

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