Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Haunting

I have had strange experiences at work; although none in more recent months; but now something strange is happening at home. I have always had a feeling about the house I live in, although I always attributed it to the fact that I just don't like living in the Goulds, never have and never will.

Many months ago, my wife woke up in the middle of the night and saw a little girl standing next to her bed. It was not our daughter Madison, as she could see that Madison was sound asleep in her bed. My wife was able to describe the little girl down to her hair and what she was wearing. She told me this the next morning, when I arrived home from work and I never had no real reaction to it. But in the back of my mind, maybe the feeling I was having were of a haunting nature.

Anyway forward to last night, August 9, 2010, approximately 10:20 pm, in our living room. I was sitting on one side, my wife on the other and Madison on the floor watching television. All of a sudden I hear a little girls voice come from our hallway. I could not hear exactly what was said but it was definitely a young child's voice. I turned and looked toward the hallway and noticed that my wife looked at the same time. We both just looked at each other but did not say anything. Neither one of us were sure what we heard. Then I asked, "Did you just hear a little girl's voice?" She replied "Yes!" It quickly gave me goose bumps and I went and walked down the hallway, and experienced the same sort of chill in the air I received at work in certain areas of the building. About 10 minutes later, my wife asked me again, "You did hear that girl's voice, right?" I told her I did. So the feeling I was having in that house was probably ghost related, although I still don't like living in the Goulds; never have and never will.

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