Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now I've seen it all!

I've ranted and roared previously about the state of the drivers in Newfoundland. Not really Newfoundland as a whole but particularly the St. John's area. I've seen drivers do everything while driving; texting, talking on cell phones, eating hamburgers, putting on makeup, and reading magazines and newspapers. A couple of weeks ago I even saw a child lying on the back window of a car while the driver drove through Kilbride! It seems that drivers in the St. John's area are not that bright when it comes to driving a vehicle. They would rather do anything except concentrate on driving. I've even witnessed police officers talking on cells while driving, but that is another rant for sure! Yesterday I have seen something that was a little astonishing. A man driving a motorcycle with one hand and texting on a blackberry with the other!

Now I don't know much about driving a motorcycle, but I would have thought that you need two hands to drive a motorcycle. Apparently not! The guy didn't even try to hide the fact he was doing this. He pulled up directly next to me at the light and only looked up occasionally to see when the light changed and then drove off again, still with the blackberry in his hand! Everytime I think I have seen it all, something else more astonishing comes up. What's next I wonder?

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