Friday, November 12, 2010

The Sandman Cometh

There are some very odd people out at night. From the dining room window again I watched an intoxicated male stumble up the street on Ropewalk Lane. He stopped just behind a road construction sign, lit a cigarette and then sat on the curb. I stayed at the window and watched him. He stayed sat at the curb as a RNC patrol car drove by. They slowed down to give him a quick look and continued on their way.

After a few minutes, I saw the guy take something out of his pants pocket. I continue to watch as I try to figure out what he was doing. I saw him reach over to the sand bag, which is weighing the construction sign down. He  ran his hand over the length of the sand bag. I then realized he was using a pocket knife to cut the bag open. He placed the knife back into his pocket.

Looking around to see if anyone was watching, he did something that would make anybody consider his mental state of mind; he began to fill his pockets up with sand! Handful after handful he placed the sand into his front pockets, then his back pockets, then into the pockets of his jacket!

The guy continued this for a few minutes, stopping every few seconds to look around as if he is stealing something very valuable. With his pockets filled to capacity, he began to walk away. Unfortunately with all the extra weight in his pants, his pants fell to the ground; and with his intoxication, so did his face! He tripped in his fallen pants and had one nasty face plant onto the pavement, which I am sure left a mark. Slowly picking himself up, he continued up the street, one hand holding his pants, the other holding his sore face! But what did he need that sand for? One could only imagine.

I found the whole incident quite interesting and quite funny. At three thirty in the morning it really gave a new meaning to the word sandman!

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