Friday, October 19, 2012

The Old Man and The Cell Phone

This is a true story. Just happened tonight. I wish I had videotaped it.

A Senior, probably in his 70's, was standing on the sidewalk and texting on a cell phone. Holding the phone in his left hand, typing with his right, he suddenly dropped the phone to the ground. Clearly frustrated with the whole ordeal, he picked up the phone and began typing with his pointer once again. After a couple of clicks, the phone fell from his grasp and plummeted to the ground once again. Now very frustrated he again picked up the phone and tried to punch in some more letters. Again the phone fell to the ground. Then with a kick that would make David Beckham proud, he flung the phone to the middle of Banff Avenue; where a Town Bus was just passing over the the same area, crushing the phone to bits. Exasperated by the whole ordeal, the old man threw both hands into the air and walked away.

I had tears in my eyes. Not from feeling sorry for the old bugger, but from the laughter it generated!

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