Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wierd Dreams

I have been working nights over 20 years, so I sleep mostly during the daytime. Of course your body is not designed to sleep in the daytime and even after 20 years, it's not accustome to daytime sleep. I believe this is the reason I always have weird dreams. A couple of years ago, I started writing these down in a journal, soon as I wake up. Here's one that happened 4 years ago today, 9 February 2013:

I was travelling on a plane with Valerie. Going somewhere hot. I had black facepaint all over my face and was wondering where I could go to take it off. Valerie suggested the washroom. I asked her if she had any soap. She said you can get soap in the bathroom. So I went.

When I entered the bathroom, it was huge. It was more like an 18th century hotel executive washroom with an open stall (no door and low sides) in one corner. Through the very thin wall (the back of the stall) could be heard a man grunting; ugh, ugh, as if he was having a serious bowel movement. On other side of the washroom it had a claw foot bathtub and then there was a kind of table with a large mirror. There was a large bowl that you can add water to and a very large bar of soap. I got some water and soap and the black face paint came off very easy.

 Next I was in a television studio and I got to meet my idol Elvis Presley. Although the Elvis Presley in my dream was played by Kurt Russel! I shook his hand and tried to give a strong handshake. Unfortunately "Elvis" (Kurt) screamed in pain as I almost broke his fingers. He said "Wow that's quite the grip you have on you there sonny." Then he asked if there was anything I would like to see at the television studio or any question he "Elvis my Idol" could answer. My mind totally went blank and there was a long period of silence. I then woke up.

Strange what things go through your brain when you sleep!

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